Visual Communication - Bachelors

4R 4Health

The "4R 4Health" campaign draws its inspiration from recent research about the adverse consequences of contemporary environmental challenges on our physical well-being, with a special focus on the detrimental effects of microplastics and chemicals on our circulatory and skeletal systems. As a sustainable and ethically conscious fashion brand, Four Lives, we are deeply concerned about these issues. Thus, we have chosen to illustrate the interplay between environmental sustainability and human health concerns by introducing four distinct clothing items featuring medical illustrations as part of this campaign. Our aim is to promote a reduction in plastic consumption by encouraging the daily practice of the four Rs - Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle - all of which vividly illustrate the harmful impacts of plastics and chemicals on our bodies.

The Introductory Video

The Campaign Collection 2023 – Print Design

About Four Lives

Vannessa Fisher

Vanessa's diverse interests span fashion, sustainability, animal rights, and mental health. Her artistic skills shine in various design work, promoting well-being and sustainability. Her signature style, inspired by Art Nouveau and European tarot cards, is known for detailed natural elements and authentic design.