Visual Communication - Bachelors

Artist vs AI

“NO AI” Is to raise awareness regarding this ongoing war between artist and AI. This project raises awareness by showing the organic and raw sketches of artists to promote how hard they work to build their artistic talents. Due to the advancement of technology, AI has been taking over artist/designer jobs and that shouldn’t be the case. My main objective for this project is to show how much effort an artist puts into their craft to develop and master their talent. The public should be supporting the artist; not AI.

Ellicia Ng Caryen

Ellicia is a designer born in Malaysia trying to make a name for herself in the designing world. Growing up all she had was video games and drawing sketches with her sister, hence why she always tries to integrate gaming into her designs and illustrations. The love for art came to her at a very late stage of 16 years old; therefore she is really passionate about the process and eager to master her artist talents everyday.