Visual Communication - Bachelors


Artivox is an app and social brand that offers an innovative design solution that harnesses the capabilities of interactive advertising. Users of the app - music listeners and fans alike - promote their interpretation of the music by designing posters of what they have heard and what they love about it. It's valueable earned media. Artists then use this material to create a campaign that promotes their work, features their listeners and ultimately shares what everyone loves. By transforming the common still image into a customisable poster, the campaigning technique will improve discoverability of artists purely by using a social connectivity platform.

Isabella Coplick

Isabella is a final year student studying B Design (Visual Communication) and B Business (Advertising). She loves making social impact with for the greater good and she does this through her capacity to inspire change and keep up with the constant turn-over of the increasingly consumeristic world we live in. She loves everything creative and when it came to developing her project, Artivox, she strived to take visual communication to all-consuming levels - new, unique and emotionally satiating design.