Visual Communication - Bachelors

Au-Delà Fragrance Brand and Experience

Au-Delà is designed to curate an immersive experience around a fragrance that is both personal and engaging for the consumer. The project includes interactive packaging design and an augmented reality experience designed to visualise the scent. Au-Delà encapsulates the sensation of romance and luxury aimed to entice the consumer towards their perfect scent.

Au-Delà | Allure


Top Notes: Orange blossom, hyacinth, and orchid.
Heart Notes: Rose, marigold, and jasmine.
Base Notes: Vanilla, amber, and patchouli.

A sweet floral fragrance with hints of spice and a musky base for longer wear.

Au-Delà Logo

Au-Delà means ‘beyond’ in French which encapsulates the concept of this design project. This brand aims to go beyond the fragrance and curate an in-depth and engaging consumer experience around the scent of Allure. It is luxurious, romantic and intimate and the brand logo is designed to reflect this through sleek sharp edges and captivating curves. The brand’s style is inspired by the Art Nouveau art style represented by the use of natural forms and curves of plants and flowers.
Accordion Fragrance Zine

Accordion Fragrance Zine

This zine was designed to elevate the fragrance experience for the consumer. It breaks down the scent notes and adds a more personal touch to the product. It is designed to imitate a written letter which adds a more romantic and luxurious tone to the fragrance experience.

Scent Cards

The scent cards will provide a brief introduction to the fragrance. Soft, delicate, and alluring, these cards are designed to leave a lasting impression on the consumer.


The packaging for the fragrance was designed to create an engaging and personal experience for the consumer that breaks down the floral scent. The design incorporates both the inside and outside of the perfume box allowing it to fold out and display the perfume bottle inside.


The AR experience is not only designed to visualise the notes of the scent but also intends to capture the feeling and sensation of the fragrance. It exudes luxury and femininity and aims to reflect the flirtiness and playfulness of the brand and scent.

Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia. She has a diverse skill set including web design, motion graphics, and digital and traditional illustration. Sarah is passionate about story-telling and branding and hopes to explore this further in future projects.