Visual Communication - Bachelors

BLISS | Ocean Plastic Pollution zine and filter

BLISS is an ocean plastic pollution campaign that interacts with its users using a physical and digital zine, and an Augmented Reality Instagram filter. The zine focuses on marine animals and how they are affected by ocean plastic, and the filter provides a conceptual interaction for the user to experience what it's like to be surrounded by plastic.


Zine Mockup Full

View my Zine digitally at issue!

Zine Front Cover
back and front cover
Contents Page
Plastic Page


Filter Drawing
Filter demo

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Technologies Used…

For zine


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Indesign.

Much of the Adobe suite was utilised to make my zine.
Illustrator was used to make the elements of the zine, including the water graphics of the contents page, the 3D plastic bags, and the morphed text on the cover page.
Adobe Photoshop was used to manipulate images by removing the background or changing the hues, contrast, saturation,etc.
InDesign was then used to collate all of the elements, images and text together to create the zine.

For Filter



Blender was used to create the 3D models used in the filter. It was also used with a Spark AR plugin to make previous models I made in Illustrator, compatible with the program.
Spark AR Studio

Spark AR Studio

Spark AR studio was used to turn the 3D elements from Blender into an accessible, 3D Augmented Reality Instagram Filter.

Jasmine Matai

Jasmine is an aspiring graphic design student from Brisbane Australia. Jasmine's graphic design style is influenced heavily by the ocean. This love of the ocean stems from her Pasifika background, which she aims to use in her designs to share and educate people about her culture and its environment.