Visual Communication - Bachelors

Branding For Spectra Theatre

New company Spectra Theatre aims to bring the joy of theatre to Brisbane families and It's branding reflects this. Incorporating bright colours and bold line work the playful nature shines through it's illustration based advertisements and appeals to both children and children at heart.

Spectra Theatre

This project was to create a set of advertisements for up and coming theatre company Spectra. Clear guidelines where created to ensure that the project was not only aesthetically consistent but also aligns with the brands identity and show list. The font choice for the title reflects the bold nature of the company and the sans serif pairs well. The colours chosen support the playful and family friendly vibe of the company and logo does the same.


Research on existing theatre companies was undertaken to ensure the best possible outcome. These resulting advertisements not only include high quality illustrations but also clearly convey the messages being advertised. The illustrations themselves include bright colours and bold strokes that capture the feeling of each each show. Overall, they utilise clear theming as well as many design principles in order to create a product that is truly effective.

Additionally thanks to a comprehensive branding document it is possible for further advertisements to be made using the existing illustrations or by creating more.

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Sarah Winn

Sarah Winn is currently studying Visual Communication Design at QUT. Her style embraces illustration with bold colours and lines work.