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Campus Connect is an innovative project aiming to enhance student engagement and accessibility to essential services and resources at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). It addresses the challenge of limited visibility of QUT offerings. Through creative visual communication, Campus Connect seeks to bridge the gap between students and crucial resources, fostering a connected campus community.


Following an insightful consultation with the client, in-depth discussions regarding their previous experiences and concerns regarding the limited visibility of student services were held. Valuable feedback was gathered shedding light on their methodologies for monitoring and gauging student engagement. It was evident that Uni Hub events played a significant role in fostering interactions and raising awareness. As a result, the project’s design strategy centers around physical space activations, complemented by digital media deliverables aimed at not only promoting the events but also accentuating the underlying services.

How do we enhance visibility and awareness of existing offerings to QUT students?



During the initial explorations, research and experimentation I considered trying to be as representational as possible to QUT. However, upon feedback and consideration I decided it would be best to make the campaign a separate yet recognisable entity. This lead to the creation of the double C logo to represent the campus connect idea and have represent the links in a chain that would symbolise the connecting elements in the project. Upon further evaluation it was decided that Campus Connect should have its own colours to accompany the logo as consistent branding that could be recognisable and known as a seperate entity.

Two A2 size poster on grey concrete wall, with autumn fallen leaves below on grey brick flooring. The first poster contains an image of a reflection of people standing on a shiny floor, with the directed view on the shoes. It is a dark image with a black low transparent cover. It features bold orange typography saying "connect" repeated down the left side. In the top right corner saying campus connect forming a corner shape. In the bottom right in bold beige writing says now you know, with a purple strike through the now. The second poster is similar colours to the first, the campus connect is in the bottom left corner and there is a large semi circle covering most of the right section saying "get on campus" with the dates OCT 23-25 in bold orange writing in the top left corner.
A Macbook laptop fills the screen, in the bottom you see a woman's hands typing on the keyboard. The screen contains a mockup of the Campus Connect webpage. It is a black screen with four colourful images taking up the majority of view. The top right corner has three social media icons, the top left is blurred from view.
The image features a mock up iphone with the campus connect Instagram in profile view. Showing 9 images, they are in purple and orange bright colours with typography and geometric forms.

What do you know?

Promotional materials that make you question everything. What do you know? Is the catalyst of the two day experimental visual communication exhibition, its bold colouring and distinguishable logo invite students to take part in the interactive spatial activation held at both Kelvin Grove and Gardens Point campuses. It invites students to take part in an experiential design piece that educates and intrigues the viewer, finding answers they didn’t know they were looking for.

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Leah Robson

Leah is a versatile visual communication designer with an insatiable curiosity and a knack for problem-solving. Her passion for photography, exploration, and emerging technologies fuels her creative spirit. Ethical practices are at the core of her design philosophy, valuing inclusivity and responsible design. Leah is dedicated to crafting innovative and impactful visual narratives.