Visual Communication - Bachelors

cat academy

This project is a cat-themed virtual adoption study and work mobile app that incorporates the pomodoro study timer. Users can adopt virtual cats with the points they earn from studying and working. These points can be used to adopt more cats and buy clothes and accessories to dress their feline friend. By making learning enjoyable and fostering responsibility, it enhances focus, motivation, and academic success.

Figma Prototype

For an optimal viewing experience, hover over the Figma display and select “options,” then adjust it to “fit to screen.” The buttons are fully functional; utilize them to engage with the app.

Project Showreel

Jennifer Ngo

Third year student pursuing a bachelor of design with a specialization in visual communication. Their deep-seated passion lies in the realm of digital illustration, and they find joy in refining their skills in both illustration and design. They are building a career as a freelance illustrator and designer.