Visual Communication - Bachelors


ConnectWell is a tool based on the NIH’s Social Network Index and aimed at tackling the issue of social isolation. It uses data visualisation methods and elements of tactile play to allow the user to create a visualisation of their social network, encouraging reflection and self-improvement.

Jordan O'dell-Fontana

Project Summary

Watch the video below to get an overview of the project as a whole.

your social network is your first line of defence

wellconnect – data visualisation through play

Watch the video below to see a highlight reel of WellConnect in action

how it works

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Jordan O'dell-Fontana

Jordan O’dell-Fontana is first and foremost a problem-solver – whether that’s in tackling design challenges or solving business issues. Jordan has a passion for social impact and human centred design. He plans to use his skills in analysis and communication to create positive social change in the healthcare, education and government sectors.