Visual Communication - Bachelors

COOEE Australian Native Flora Identification

COOEE will work on a forum base archive and allows users to document native flora species on guided walks and create a data base of native plant information. Driven by my own passion and desire to learn in nature, COOEE will initiate informative conversations about Australia's native species and promote the importance of protecting them. The asymmetric interaction of nature and technology is a notion that circled my head throughout this project as I believe getting out into nature is a form of therapy and an escape from technology overload. In an era where these two things must co-exist, I found myself challenging this idea and finding the most appropriate way to allow technological intervention in nature without the distraction of physical engagement with the technology.

Hannah Batley- Ole Keko

I want to acknowledge the country on which this project is taking place and the privilege I have as a non- indigenous person to learn and create. I want to pay respects to the Turrbal and Yugera people of Meanjin, in where I began my studies and where this project was born. I would also like to pay respects to the people of the Bundjalung nation, the original custodians of the land in which I currently am living and learning on. Bundjalung country has some of the most unique landscapes and I have fallen deeply in love with the energy this place holds and the stories within . Sovereignty was never ceded. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.

“We want to see Country how it used to be. We want to continue to look after country and want it to look after us. We want our people to be back on Country, caring for and using Country like we always have. We want to share parts of our culture with the wider community so they learn about and respect Country like we do. We want everybody to work together to keep Country clean and healthy.”

Aunties Lorna Kelly, Dulcie Nicholls and Linda Vidler of the bundjalung nation, 2003.

COOEE is designed to be used by people ages 15 and over, of all ethnic backgrounds with intention to heighten engagement with the knowledge of native species from a scientific and historical perspective. Engaging with the land’s history raises awareness of the importance of country to indigenous people and serves as a form of voice for protecting native habitats for future generations. Acknowledging this perspective initiates education beyond just the plant’s name and quality, but initiates deeper learning, respect and connection to the traditional owners who have teaching this knowledge for years.

The future for COOEE

If permitted the time and opportunity, I would be deeply privileged to see COOEE collaborate directly with rural and local indigenous communities to gain direct knowledge to be shared with the general public and have this information become common knowledge to the majority of Australia’s population. I’d also like to further explore knowledge surrounding bush food and how to safely and effectively provide this information to beginners. This app has so many possibilities and I cant wait to continue developing it beyond this exhibition.

Hannah Batley- Ole Keko

Motivated by conversations, exploration of landscapes and new technology, Hannah's design work focuses on exploring the co- existence of nature and technology and how we can use this as a stepping stone to a better future for our planet. Their future work in design has a high focus on interdisciplinary collaboration and intervention methods of teaching. As an aspiring designer, Hannah aims to build important relationships with their community and initiate engagement with critical social change.