Visual Communication - Bachelors

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Curate is a safe space for artistic passion to flourish - a chance for society to reconnect with their creative pursuits that may have been put on the back burner - all whilst enjoying a carefully curated cup of coffee or tea. In a world that tends to leave individuals with no choice but to chase a life of stability/ wealth, the joys of producing innovative outcomes which express the intricacies and uniqueness of our imaginations, is often forgotten. Especially with recent events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia's economic downturn has ultimately left most of us dispirited. For this reason, our mission is to inspire and encourage our community by offering a platform to showcase varying creative interests, whether it be as simple as a hobby or the beginning works of underrepresented local artists. The opportunity to be featured in our seasonal zine is one not to miss!

Music by Samuel Rety, 2023, Vermilion Records

Marjani Abdur-Raheem

Marjani Abdur-Raheem is a graduating student of a Bachelor of Business (Marketing)/ Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) at QUT. She has explored design concepts and styles, particularly in respect to the ‘customer experience’. As Marjani delves deeper into the world of visual communication, she hopes to inspire those around her in her pursuit of creativity.