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Curioso, a concept design festival, aspires to unite creative minds to alleviate the solitude often experienced in the world of design, and to ignite inspiration. The festival's name, 'Curioso,' is rooted in the Spanish translation of 'curious.' Enhancing the brand's identity is Curio! A character crafted to be a companion and a constant reminder that, even when the design world may seem lonely, you're never truly alone.

Project Showreel

Project context

This project to me was born from my own personal creative block and experience of loneliness throughout the design process / profession. This project serves to promote my personal core values within design that include: inclusiveness, collaboration and celebration of skills and ideas. Introducing the main mascot, Curio, it aims to encapsulate the audience in its branding, interactive pieces and visual identity to form a group mentality within attendees of the event.

Target audience

The target audience for the project consists of the primary audience of 16-22 year olds interested in design and begining their careers in the space. It is important that they are celebrated and made to feel included to combat the lurking feeling of loneliness that plagues the design space. My secondary audience is made up of the general public. Curio is designed to become a friend, and is intended to be consumed by multiple ages.

Brand image

Heaphone Attachment

The first deliverable developed for the brand identity is an interactive wearble of Curio.

This attachment is designed to be worn on the Apple Airpod Pro headphones and allows the user to feel a sense of the character always being by their side. Complimenting the brands values of combatting loneliness in the design world, the headphone attachment aims to help the user feel protected, accompanied, and that they are not alone. The attachment has been rendered using Blender with a low fidelity prototype also being constructed.


Because designers are no stranger to long days on the computer

Curio Keycap Mock


Continuing with the interactivity and spreading of the concept’s values, stickers were produced.

Curio Stickers Mock

Animated Advertisment

Inspired by the captivating charm of Little Big Planet, a lively animated advertisement came to life.

This animation incorporates 2D elements and motion to communicate the festival’s principles and captivate its audience, exuding a playful, childlike aura across its 15 frames. Curio makes a playful appearance within the ad.

Don’t miss the chance to view the entire animation below!

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