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D-time Enterprises- Brand Identity

Discover the essence of cultural preservation and social impact with D-Time Enterprises. As a proud manifestation of SevGen's profound ethos, D-Time Enterprises embodies the Indigenous principle of 'Seven Generations' — a commitment to fostering a world that thrives for generations to come. Experience my personal journey of creating a brand identity for an Indigenous brand as someone not from the Indigenous community, delving into the profound stories and values of this culture.

I acknowledge the value, diversity, and integrity of Indigenous traditions, culture, and expression, honouring their significant role in the shared heritage. I hold deep appreciation for the opportunity to embrace and revitalize this abundant cultural legacy, respecting its enduring presence across generations. Utilizing their sacred symbols as a foundation for my artwork, I strive to pay homage to their rich traditions and wisdom. I would also like to acknowledge the Turrbal and Yugara people as the traditional custodians of the land on which I reside, work, and learn. I recognize and honour their unwavering connection to the land, water, and community. Today, we pay tribute to elders, both past and present, as well as the promising leaders of the future.

Based on research, key pillars defining Indigenous culture include the art and symbols, storytelling, deep-rooted connection to the land, Bushtucker, kinship, and commitment to sustainability.

Brand deck

Each symbol employed conveys a message that embodies the brand’s mission and values. These symbols collectively emphasize community, unity, and a spirit of support.

The colour scheme reflects the hues of the central desert in Queensland, a significant location for the Indigenous community.

Product mockup

label design

branding assets

Social campaign

Social media posts

Utilizing a well-crafted social media campaign serves as a strategic solution effectively bridging the gap for individuals seeking to learn about and contribute to Indigenous culture. By fostering an online community, the campaign not only educates a diverse audience about the culture’s significance but also encourages active engagement and support for the brand’s social impact initiatives. The platform will be used to promote cultural understanding and meaningful contributions to the cause.


Through strategically placed billboards, the brand can reach a diverse audience, sparking curiosity and interest in the culture’s values and impact.

Interactive Package Design

Digital mockup

Storytelling holds immense significance in Indigenous culture, serving as a vital means of preserving traditions, history, and spiritual beliefs. Through narratives passed down through generations, Indigenous communities maintain their cultural identity, strengthen community bonds, and impart invaluable wisdom to future generations.

Interact with the package prototype digitally

Package final iteration (MAILING BOX)

Why pop up package?

Pop-up packages are essential in storytelling as they offer an engaging and interactive way to convey narratives and capture the audience’s attention. Incorporating pop-up packaging within storytelling not only enhances the overall consumer experience but also creates a lasting impression, fostering a stronger connection between D-time enterprises and their audience.

AR storytelling (eyejack)

AR storytelling helps brands create unique and memorable experiences that resonate with consumers. Using EyeJack, I created a video highlighting the ancient significance of sustainable farming practices within Indigenous communities, emphasizing the preservation of cultural heritage, as well as active community engagement and the empowerment of local members.


The orange tone was used to invoke emotional resonance and transport the audience back in time, creating a sentimental atmosphere. These hues contribute to the overall cinematic experience, creating a visually appealing and softer look, which enhances storytelling by fostering a more engaging and immersive visual environment


Link to video

Link to Eyejack video testing

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Sri Sadhana

Sri Sadhana's focus lies in fostering a positive impact by empathetically understanding and meeting people's needs. Through a blend of creativity and innovation, her aim is to drive meaningful change and contribute to a more inclusive and empathetic world.