Visual Communication - Bachelors


Developed independently by myself, Zachary "Zac" Pohlmann, Distant Dark is both a high-fidelity prototype artbook that showcases an assortment of illustrations and an experiment that attempts to build a world from the ground up to provoke the audience's imagination and curiosity.

Zachary Alexander Pohlmann

Inspired by tabletop role-playing games, and turn-based role-playing video games, Distant Dark attempts to recapture the interest that these video games once exuded through the use of a fake video game-inspired manual. While not a playable game by any means, the intent of Distant Dark is to sell the illusion that this world could very well exist within the video games industry and was playable at one point in time.

Zachary Alexander Pohlmann

Zachary Pohlmann's design work places an emphasis on minimalism without sacrificing practicality or the user experience. Accompanied by a strong and driven work ethic, Zac follows a “measure twice, cut once” design process, and holds integrity and readiness at the centre of all his endeavours. His interests are in Graphic Design, Illustration, and Narrative Design.