Visual Communication - Bachelors

DVB303 Album Cover Design Project

Pink Wave is a design project with "girls power" as its core theme. It incorporates the power and independence of modern women, which is expressed through cultural products such as posters, album covers and concert bracelets. These designs are not only visually striking, but also convey the confidence and power of contemporary women, and call for greater respect and recognition of the value of women in society.

DVB303 Album Cover Design Project

This project aims to create eye-catching music album covers, promotional posters, and peripheral cultural and creative products. It celebrates the strength, resilience and diversity of women. The cover design will convey the indispensable role of women in music and society, encourage women to be confident and autonomous, and evoke society’s thoughts on gender equality.

album cover design

logo&festival wrist band design

canvas bag


phone cases

coffee cups



poster version 1

poster version 2


Kun Yu

A third year student at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Visual Communication Design. Delved into many aspects of media in both academia and practice, with a keen interest in visual design. Passionate about combining creative thinking with practical applications. Looking to explore and create more interesting work in future projects.