Visual Communication - Bachelors

Feline Fright Branding

Feline Fright is an alternative fashion brand with a mission to bridge the gap between fashion consumers and producers while promoting sustainability. The branding takes a tech-savvy twist by using Augmented Reality (AR) to bring clothing fabric tags to life, providing consumers with information about the downsides of fast fashion and the unique details of their scanned product. This project is heavily driven by the designer's passion for sustainable design and making fashion more accessible.

Brand Bible

The following brand bible encompasses key stylistic decisions used to construct the brand identity, and informed collateral applications, including social media ads and product designs.

Feline Fright black logo against a yellow background.
Two alternative dressed ladies standing in a store, Feline Fright logo in the corner.
Logo variations against different background colours.
Colour Palette for the branding. #f9c116, #f9a119, #401927, #6960a6.
Poppins Typeface, in bold and regular.
Animation frames for Eyejack.

Brand Application

Orange and white hoodie images. Both have the Feline Fright logo sticking out.
Yellow shirt with a Feline Fright tag, orange packing tape with the feline fright logo on it and Feline Fright's Instagram posts.


Label Design

Yellow shirt with a Feline Fright tag.



Tia Eastgate

Tia is a visual communications designer, graduating from a Bachelor of Design at QUT by mid-2024. She is passionate about branding, specifically designing for print, experimenting with layouts to create designs that challenge the stereotypical limitations of the print medium.