Visual Communication - Bachelors

Fraz Media – Branding Project

Fraz Media is a media content creator that offers a versatile range of visual services. Fraz Media specialises in photography, with a primary focus on automotive and portrait photography. In addition to the photography services, Fraz Media also provides a selection of merchandise, including t-shirts, keychains, stickers, calendars, and tote bags for fans to enjoy and represent the brand.

About Fraz Media

What is Fraz Media?

Fraz Media is a creative venture dedicated to producing visually stunning content. At Fraz Media, our aim is to use the power of visual storytelling to connect people, inspire emotions, and celebrate life’s special moments. We are dedicated to make high-quality, creative, and authentic visual content. Our main goal is to capture important moments whether it is the excitement of a fast sports car or the warmth of a self-portrait. Moreover, through our work, we want to inspire people to explore and find beauty in everyday life. Most importantly, we are dedicated to creating visually appealing content for our clients as we want to create lasting connection with our clients and audience. We are constantly learning and striving for continuous improvement to deliver the best result for our clients.

Logo Style Guide

Business Card






Tote Bag


Photo Book

To provide potential clients with a glimpse of Fraz Media’s work, Fraz Media have compiled their photographs into a book that is also available for fans to purchase it.

Project Trailer

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Wira Mandala

Wira is a visual communication student and photographer. His interest in graphic design and photography dates back to his high school years. Wira specialises in automotive and portrait photography and is always eager to capture moments through his lens. He is also passionate about cars, motorsports, and video games.