Visual Communication - Bachelors

Hungry Paws

Hungry Paws is a family owned, local dog bakery that offers a wide range of dog cakes and cupcakes. Hungry Paws provides an experienced team who will assist you in finding the perfect treat to spoil your dog. All of our cakes and cupcakes consist of ingredients that will improve your dogs digestive system and increase bone health.


colour palette

For the logo I started with researching current dog bakery logo’s and found a lot of them include a cartoon dog or dog treat like a cake or bone. I started experimenting with designing some cupcake or bone illustrations and then some dog faces in illustrator. Next I combined some of the logos together until I decided on the final logo design of the dogs face licking a cupcake. I also liked this design because it was different to the other dog bakery logo designs, it stands out creating a brand identity. For the typography I experimented different fonts and the different layouts next to the logo until I found my favourite. Again I liked this typography because it was different, a lot of the current dog bakery logo’s have the typography as a circle around the logo, I tried this style but it looked too busy. Because this logo was a mascot style I didn’t create different illustrations or colours for the logo, instead I kept the colour palette the same throughout the project to create a strong brand identity. I also found with research that majority of the dog bakery’s branding is the same colour palette.




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Charlotte Miles

Charlotte Miles is in her third of studying a Bachelor of Design, majoring in visual communication and a minor in marketing. She has experimented in different design mediums, however her main passion is graphic design and brand identity design