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Insight: One Small Step

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This brand and related resources aim to build awareness of loneliness among young adults and facilitate human connection to combat this growing concern. For particular deliverables, the brand imagery aims to communicate the perspective of loneliness to prompt discussion and outreach from friends and family, and in others, it is used to engage lonely individuals in methods of self-guided reconnection.

I have always found perspective to be the most powerful tool when working in a design team, problem solving, or going about life with empathy. It has the ability to change minds, emotions and actions towards each other and an issue, and is at the core of this project.

Insight aims to provide perspective into the lives of lonely people, and attempts to change the mindset of those experiencing loneliness to see hope and build connections. This is achieved through the print, animations and graphics below, with each using the strengths of its individual form and context to communicate messages of awareness and hope.

perspective of loneliness poster – eyejack augmented reality

"Loneliness might be hard to see at first..." poster

Insight – brand style guide

Insight brand style guide

Insight information and help booklet

Inisght Booklet – Digital Version
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Encouraging GIFs

Series of gif's displayed on Instagram

Loneliness information poster

Loneliness information poster

One small step comic series

Comic series One Small Step

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Long time no see – eyejack Augmented reality

Hailey Hazlewood

Hailey is a visual communication designer with a passion for creating to foster human connections and challenge perspectives. She enjoys making pieces that are inspiring, humorous and thought-provoking through print, illustration, data and motion design, or traditional art and photography.