Visual Communication - Bachelors

Just Bake

Just Bake is a baking studio brand that combines traditional baking with modern technological elements. "Just Bake" provides individuals with fully equipped working stations, an array of high-quality tools and ingredients, tutorials, and even expert assistance, which create an engaging baking experience that attracts a wide range of baking enthusiasts.

Style guide


Outdoor signage
Neon light signage


Apron mock up
Oven glove mitt mockup
Oven  mitt mockup


Shopping bag mock-up
Cupcake box mock-up

Social Media

Social Media promotion content mockup

Baking Apps

Baking apps mockup
Apps mockup - mobile
Apps mockup - mobile

Apps prototype

Project Showreel

Yi Kiu Tsang

Cherry is a digital designer with a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) from QUT. Her passion for branding and illustrations has been the driving force behind her creative journey. she constantly explores new techniques and styles to push herself as a diverse creator. Cherry is committed to crafting compelling design solutions that resonate with audiences and leave a lasting impression.