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Laughing Crow Wine Club

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The Laughing Crow Wine Club is a concept brand for Ballandean Estate Wines. Its purpose is to create a way for customers to become part of the Ballandean Estate family through the sharing of family stories and inside jokes along with great wine. The ultimate goal is to enrich the relationship between the customers and the family behind the winery.

The laughing crow

Being the oldest family owned winery in Queensland, “family” has become a huge part of Ballandean Estate’s brand identity. Because of this, the winery is constantly seeking ways to help their customers feel like they are part of that family. The aim for this project is to create a new club membership for Ballandean Estate Wines named the Laughing Crow. The purpose is to share family stories and inside jokes as well as the wine so that customers feel closer to the family behind the business.

To achieve this, the Laughing Crow will showcase the more comedic side of Ballandean Estate Wines by sharing family inside jokes and titbits with their customers. The winery constantly seeks different ways for loyal customers to feel like part of the Ballandean Estate family. Currently, they offer another membership called “Italian Cousins” which engages with the part of their audience that love food as much as wine. The subscription sends out care packages filled with wine and family recipes. All with the goal of helping their customers feel like part of the family.The Laughing Crow aims to do a similar thing through stories and experiences. As well as wine.

pack contents

Each pack will contain a comic depicting an entertaining story that is core to the family business, followed by a written version of the full story. AR experiences offered through some of the wine labels in each pack. And various merchandise and a membership key ring which provides in house rewards when presented at the cellar door.  

Laughing crow ar labels & QR codes

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Hayden Gangemi

Hayden is a visual communication designer and illustrator based in Brisbane. He approaches design with a healthy amount of personality and whimsy to create unique works that aim to entertain and inspire.