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Little Loves Bespoke Greeting Cards

Little Loves is a bespoke greeting card business that is striving to revolutionise the industry. Born with the idea to make greeting card giving more sustainable, Little Loves exists to enable people the joy in gifting and writing thoughtful messages in physical cards whilst simultaneously ensuring this practice is more sustainable by making the cards multifunctional. Harnessing the extraordinary capabilities of AR technology, Little Loves delivers a unique and customisable experience for both the buyer and end user. A card from Little Loves allows recipients to enjoy their card for more than just the occasion they were received it for. All card designs are thoughtfully designed to be hung in the home as wall art or cherished in a card album.



Selected card designs



the app

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Sophie Baird

Sophie is graduating with a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Design, majoring in Marketing and Visual Communication. She loves to express herself through her creative, innovative and vibrant designs with a particular interest in branding and visual storytelling. She is excited to put her ambitious spirit to the test with the knowledge gained in both degrees and hopes to one day start her own entrepreneurial journey.