Visual Communication - Bachelors

Maple Tape Band Design

This design project is a product design focused around a band. as part of the design a 3D printed working record, slip mat phenakiscope, album cover and instruction label were created for the band.

Maple Tape Band Design

What is Maple Tape?

Maple Tape is an up and coming music group that focus on mid-west emo, math rock and indie aesthetics. They showcased a need for a product launch concept that was “out of the box” and different. For this an album release was strategised, with one slight difference, the record will be 3D printed. As 3D printing techniques and technology evolves, more and more additive manufacturing feats can be performed that were recently considered impossible.

Design Process: Math, Code, and a lot of resin

The process to create the record was confusing, difficult, but rewarding. Having to learn to manipulate python and processing code was a new and fun experience that really tested me. However, the end result ended in a audible (as good as technology will allow) record.

So How’s the record sound?

Audio 1

Audio 2

Above is the recording using a condenser microphone and some EQ modification to boost the sound. Yes, the quality is a little rough, but the fact there’s any sound at all is mind blowing!

Daniel Foster

Daniel is a dual degree advertising and visual communications student who has a genuine interest in the world of advertising, campaigning and business visual design. They absolutely love the VisCom courses they have been a part of and it's only fuelled their passion for design further.