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Pixel Makers AR Booth

“Pixel Makers” is a creative marketing service for the promotional runs of feature films in cinema. Their mission is to increase the engagement in the cinema space, by making the ‘hype’ experience for a film tangible. As part of their launch, Pixel Makers worked with the studio behind “Picture Palace” to demonstrate the capabilities of their new interactive Augmented Reality Booth for cinemas.


Following the COVID crisis, streaming services were a safe alternative which kept the movie-going experience alive. However, with rules lifting, studios began opting to completely bypass theatrical release due to the continuous boom on these platforms (The Conversation, 2020). “Pixel Makers” aims to appeal to a younger demographic of movie-goers, from young teens to those in their thirties, to encourage cinema visits over streaming platforms.
They partner with companies and film productions to promote the theatrical runs of their films in cinemas. The designs “Pixel Makers” develop will help promote their films, encourage people to visit the cinema and build the excitement around a particular film release.

“Pixel Makers” facilitates interactive AR marketing for the promotional runs of feature films in cinemas. Their mission is to help increase the engagement in the cinema space, reinforcing that there is no better experience then when seeing a brand-new film at the cinema, where intended. “Pixel Makers” recognises movies have the ability to connect others through the shared experience of the atmosphere of excitement for a film.


There is a new coming of age film set in the 80s, called “Picture Palace”, making its theatrical debut in cinemas. The film follows the ups and downs of a rag-tag group of teens who work in a video store, all just trying to make it through their senior year. As part of “Pixel Makers” soft launch, they will work with the studio behind “Picture Palace” to demonstrate their new interactive AR marketing capabilities in cinemas.


To engage viewers with the new film based in an 80s video store, “Pixel Makers” generated motion designs for their booth, based on themes associated around four different film genres popular from this decade: Fantasy, Horror, Romance and Sci Fi.


These assets were then generated into Augmented Reality assets to be used in cinemas, at a modular Augmented Reality booths by “Pixel Makers”. To use, customers access the QR codes made for the Pixel Makers booths for the relevant feature films. While customers engage with these booths, they are also encouraged to use the merchandise provided to enhance the booth interaction. For example, for their marketing with “Picture Palace”, “Pixel Makers” opted to create pins and stickers to make customers look like they were video store employees at “Picture Palace”.

Follow each of the links below to access the AR Filters and aim them at the Picture Palace Booth photo to experience them in action!

Horror Film Genre

Fantasy Film Genre

Romance Film Genre

Science Fi Film Genre

Test them on this photo below!

Retro turquoise 80s jacket, with video store employee sticker name badge, cassette tape in pocket, and film title "Picture Palace" in neon sign typeface.

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