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Premo Sounds

'Premo Productions' is launching 'Premo Sounds' on Spotify, a music project aimed at boosting the company's start-up brand. Given the novelty of the brand, an engaging advertising campaign is imperative to captivate a new, genuine audience of music and art enthusiasts in Brisbane. This campaign spotlights the vibrant music scene of Brisbane, particularly the popular alternative/indie rock genre, drawing inspiration from psychedelia for its artistic components. Comprising six diverse tracks, 'Premo Sounds' will showcase an array of moods, styles, and genre adaptations once it is released. The audio samples showcased on this page offer a glimpse into the unfinished demos of the project.

Cover art

The cover art for this project is inspired by ‘Psychedelia’; the art form that emerged out of the 1960’s. I used collaging to group images together, creating a chaotic, and colourful representation of the contrasting sounds and moods contained in the music project. The collective imagery articulates themes of nature, music, culture, and art, while seamlessly integrating the musicians’ origins, underscored by panoramic Brisbane cityscapes and the iconic Story Bridge.

Complimentary designs

The cover art design is implemented into all supporting imagery upon the release of the music project on Spotify. This includes:
– The reveal of the final cover art on Instagram
– A reel design for added visual aesthetic when announcing the release
– The track list design to build hype around the individual songs and ideas (works as a reel or normal image post containing music)
– A portrait display for when a song is chosen on Spotify (also useful for any other portrait displays to promote music eg, Instagram stories or a website cover image for mobile)


Photo Series

Around a month prior to the music being released, the musicians will post on social media to announce the upcoming project. The initial post will include the title ‘Premo Sounds’ and the release date with little to no more information (the banner for this webpage). This will notify the musicians current followers that they are committed to their first music release on a familiar streaming platform, building anticipation throughout the already established audience. To attract more people from the target audience the musicians will release footage of the musical process along with two photo series which include music snippets. The instagram targeted advertising tools will be used to target the desired audience as it approaches the release date. The two photo series are made to build anticipation by making the audience unsure of what to expect.

Series #1

The first image series features six images that all have a gif element that move in some way. They will be posted to instagram as a scrollable stack post accompanied by music that plays whilst they observe. These images are inspired by the music genres of alternative rock and Lo-Fi which is characterised by a slow and calming groove.

Series #2

The second photo series will be posted around a week after the first one. It represents the brands diverse taste in music by contrasting from the first photo series. It is created to represent the more intense and electronic side of the music project with the use of a neon colour pallet and abstract imagery inspired by the artistic elements of psychedelia. This post will work the same as the first photo series as an image stack where the music plays automatically as the viewer swipes through the content.

Alternate covers

Alternate cover art is just as effective in representing and promoting the music after the music has been released.

After the music has been officially released, another stack will be posted to further notify people and create online traffic through the instagram page. A snippet from each of the six songs will be paired with a unique version of the cover art. Into the future, these posts can be used as the cover art for each individual song when promoting on all platforms.

Ryan Kennelly

Ryan Kennelly is a Visual Communication Designer in his final year of study. He enjoys using his range of design skills in real world and practical scenarios, as well as, developing and experimenting with his own unique artistic style as a hobbyist.