Visual Communication - Bachelors


Revive is a charming cafe that specializes in crafting exceptional cuisines with a delightful twist. Renowned for their innovative flavors and combinations, they take pride in being the new go-to destination for breakfast and lunch aficionados. In addition to their delectable spreads, Revive offers an impressive selection of imported coffees, providing a perfect accompaniment to the culinary adventure. Step inside, indulge your taste buds and savor the remarkable experience at Revive.

Logo Signage
Logo Variations
Menu design

Scanning the QR code reveals an augmented reality animation on the menu.

Coffee Packaging
Colour Palette
Tote Bag

Juane de Vos

Juane de Vos is an emerging graphic designer based in Brisbane. Design is her passion and she is always looking for ways to best solve the given brief whilst connecting with people, creating memorable designs, and linking it to her style. Amongst her many interests, Juane is especially enamoured with brand identity design, creating social media collateral, fashion journalism and photography.