Visual Communication - Bachelors


Project SIXSTAR by Kenneth Silva taps into the world of identity, branding, and advertisement as he creates a fashion brand from scratch called SIXSTAR. There are multiple aspects that relate back to the creation of this brand, including logos, motion design, campaigning, mock ups, and more. The brand also showcases a minimal and modern design aesthetic that is present throughout each deliverable.


The name SIXSTAR comes from the clothing being 6 out of 5 stars, being better than the best and breaking limitations. The ring around the logo also resembles the sixth planet in our solar system, Saturn, creating correlation with the stars again. What makes SIXSTAR different from other brands is the high quality material that is used for every item in the brand. With clothing that uses high quality yet still stays generally affordable, the brand sticks out from the standard. SIXSTAR represents modern and minimalistic clothing that is available to the general public. It focuses on the quality of clothing rather than the branding.

Logo variations

Variation of the brand's logo

Style guide

Motion design piece

Mock ups for sixstar

Website and Mock ups

Campaign images

Campaign mock up

Campaign posters



Kenneth Silva

Kenneth Silva is currently a student at Queensland University of Technology, studying for a bachelor's degree of Visual Communication. With an expertise in graphic design, Kenneth also demonstrates his skills and knowledge in the field through motion design, documentation, photography, branding, and campaigning.