Visual Communication - Bachelors


The purpose of this project is to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty through the development of Spellbound's brand image and identity. The project deliverables aim to promote the brand and advertise their products. Mock-ups and prototypes have been developed for posters, labels, merchandise, social media and additional promotional content. These deliverables showcase who the brand is and what they offer.

Target audience

target audience

style guide

style guide


Premix cocktails

AR can labels

can carrier


SOcial media



stickers & coasters

Isabella Gawthorne

Isabella is an artist and emerging graphic designer based in Brisbane QLD. She practices photography, fine art and illustration, and has learnt how to culminate these skills into her design process. Her purpose as a designer is to bring joy into others’ lives through vibrant and playful visuals. She is adaptable and always eager to grow as a designer.