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Swolemates is a character-based branding and social campaign which is built on the idea that no one should feel ashamed of their body, instead they should embrace their uniqueness. Through a blend of digital and real-world elements with our characters, we aim to educate and inspire people to achieve their fitness goals while celebrating their individuality.

Project context

Since the internet has become a significant part of most people’s lives, many people have begun showcasing themselves through social media platforms. Whether it’s sharing their daily lives or seeking validation from others, there are often negative comments directed at people’s bodies and appearances. These comments can have a detrimental effect that leads to engaging in unhealthy activities in an attempt to appear ‘perfect’ online. As an observer myself, I have come to realise the importance of raising awareness about this issue and the need to find ways to heal and educate the next generation. By creating characters with similar experiences, alongside a range of merchandise and an interactive Instagram filter, I hope that everyone will enjoy the project and find empathy with the characters ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶

Character Designs

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Behance project

Nicole Choi

Nicole is a Hong Kong born designer and illustrator based in (Meanjin) Brisbane who has a strong interest in branding, illustration, and character design. She delights in crafting designs that exude cuteness and playfulness that would evoke empathy within the community through her storytelling and her imaginative friends.