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The Fluffly Tails

The Fluffly Tails is a narrative-driven brand identity, which explores a universe featuring characters like Doug (the Duck). Across a three-part zine series, this softer form of storytelling is a gentle, low-barrier-to-entry way of approaching what can often be complex and overwhelming feelings and experiences. This project aims to provide something to read, something to relate to, something to hold, and ultimately, something to hope for.

THE IDEA: a two-part story


The Fluffly Tails finds its roots in a heartwarming story of creation and connection. Just a little over a year ago, Doug made her debut as the star of “The Fluffly Tails of Doug (the Duck),” bearing a typo in the title, turning “fluffy” into “fluffly”. This brand honours the idea of embracing our mistakes and having fun with them in the process. A project born out of love, many elements of this brand were inspired by handcrafted gifts from friends – Doug’s hat, DayDay the Daisy, and the frog friends and their lily pads. Inspiring the essence of The Fluffly Tails, this brand values warmth, connection, and the joy of life’s quirks.

the first fluffly tails comic

Beyond this, The Fluffly Tails is a response to real-life experiences. The idea took root moments before an appointment. Patient, but a little antsy in a mental health clinic’s waiting room when a phone screen felt overwhelming. Taking an interest in magazines, brochures, and informational materials available, it was evident that reading was the answer. But there remained a need for something simpler, engaging, and fun. Like returning to a simpler time—childhood, when reading was the ultimate entertainment. It’s this desire to step back into the comfort of those moments, to provide solace and respite in the digital age, that drives The Fluffly Tails to offer something truly special.



At its core, The Fluffly Tails is about providing “something to read” that engages the imagination, “something to relate to” that creates a sense of belonging, “something to hold” as a comforting presence, and “something to hope for” as a source of inspiration. Born out of love and creativity, this allows The Fluffly Tails to be something truly unique and meaningful to its audience.

Something to read,
something to relate to;
something to hold,
something to hope for.

the fluffly tails’ VISION

the visuals


Every visual element, from color choices to character design, is thoughtfully crafted to resonate with The Fluffly Tails’ brand identity, reflecting its mission to offer something to read, something to relate to, something to hold, and ultimately, something to hope for, all while being showcased on items that reinforce these values.


The Fluffly Tails’ logo designs are a reflection of the brand’s essence and values. The primary logo creatively combines playful typefaces and a subtle yet powerful visual element, emphasizing adventure and diversity among its characters. The secondary logo provides versatility in narrow spaces, while the iconographic logo condenses the brand’s spirit into a compact form suitable for various applications. Each logo carries the signature color palette, symbolizing Doug’s character and the brand’s vibrancy while maintaining a clear connection to its core values.


In The Fluffly Tails’ world, illustration and character design unite to form an emotive and enchanting visual narrative. The zines feature a storybook aesthetic achieved through rasterized gouache brush effects. Character designs thoughtfully integrate vector graphics and distinct colors, reflecting the brand’s core values and providing a familiar and comforting visual identity.


ITEM AND execution

The structural core of The Fluffly Tails project centres around a suite of thoughtfully crafted deliverables. At the heart of it all are the zines, which serve as the primary narrative-driven offerings of the brand. These zines are the foundation, infusing the project with their unique blend of storytelling and visuals. However, they are not isolated pieces; instead, they form the focal point of a collection that finds cohesion across all elements. The other deliverables, including stickers, prints, shirts, tote bags, and even notebooks, are more than decorative pieces; they’re intricately connected chapters of the larger story. With each design, there’s a thread that leads back to The Fluffly Tails’ central values, each piece offers not just something to read but something tangible to hold, a piece of a narrative that helps people feel a little less alone and a little more understood.

The selection is purposeful, ensuring that these products serve a variety of functions—some functional, some decorative, and some delving into deeper emotional layers. By offering a range of deliverables, The Fluffly Tails ensures that readers can connect with the project in diverse ways, making these products not just physical items but meaningful extensions of the brand’s storytelling and emotional depth.



The Fluffly Tails unfolds its narrative in a captivating three-part series, each zine bearing a title rooted in the passage of time. These titles, representing “Day,” “Dusk,” and “Dawn,” pay homage to the sun’s eternal cycle, underscoring the stories’ recurring and cyclical nature. Life, like the rising and setting of the sun, is full of ups and downs, but these zines remind us that these moments are fleeting, and no emotion is everlasting. What sets The Fluffly Tails apart is its commitment to crafting emotional depth through an empathetic lens. These stories acknowledge the nuances of human experience, refusing to dictate what to feel or do. Instead, they gently inspire, encouraging readers to find their path and offering a vision of what could be. The zines provide not just something to read but something to hope for, inviting you to discover your own narrative within the comforting embrace of Doug, and her Fluffly Tails.

Still, what a lovely day.

day, the fluffly tails zine

view the digital zine: DAY

1. day

In the “Day” zine, The Fluffly Tails captures the essence of the every day, finding simple beauty in the world of The Fluffly Tails. The stories are sweet and bright, reflecting the joy of the mundane and everyday encounters. Doug, Rick, and their friends invite you into their cheerful world, where there is joy in company and peace in simplicity.

Doug does not know, Perhaps she never will.

dusk, the fluffly tails zine

view the digital zine: DUSK

2. dusk

We accompany Doug as she notices a shift in the world around her. This transitional time brings uncertainty, and Doug often finds herself deep in thought, pondering existential questions that seem larger than life. As she contemplates her place in the universe, she may not have all the answers, but “Dusk” gently reminds us that sometimes, the journey of self-discovery is as essential as the destination.

Make a wish…

rick in dawn, the fluffly tails zine

view the digital zine: DAWN

3. dawn

“Dawn” in The Fluffly Tails maintains a sense of uncertainty but yields a unique acceptance. The stories embrace the truth that life can be scary, but with the right company and the presence of the shooting star’s gentle wish, there’s a feeling that everything will be okay. Doug and Rick stargaze together, finding hope in the dawn. “Dawn” represents a heartfelt message of accepting life’s mysteries and finding comfort in the bonds that hold us, even in the face of the unknown.

the zine collection

The forthcoming zine collection merges the enchanting narratives of “Day,” “Dusk,” and “Dawn” into a singular digital zine, embodying the heart of The Fluffly Tails universe. These digital pages allow readers to immerse themselves in the intertwined stories, a charming and comforting experience. Additionally, the physical printed zines are a testament to the tangible, offering a tactile connection for those who prefer the feel of paper. It’s a collection that provides options to experience the Fluffly Tails narrative in the way that suits you best.

view the digital zine collection

the first collection

Combining these stories, wesee the narrative transition from Day to Dusk, to Dawn. As these zines converge into a single collection, a broader emotional journey emerges. The cyclical nature of the titles becomes more apparent, echoing the ever-changing dynamics of life. Mirroring the nuances of existence, this collection demonstrates that, despite the ups and downs, there’s always an undercurrent of hope. The journey from Day to Dusk to Dawn encourages self-reflection and contemplation. This series is a warm invitation for readers to find solace in the shared experience of navigating life’s uncertainties.


the fluffly tails: theme song and showreel

Introducing “The Fluffly Tails Theme,” a heartwarming song composed as a warm welcome to Doug and her friends. With a playful chord progression that is a subtle nod to Doug’s name (D-G), the song encapsulates the essence of the brand. It guides you through the moments of Day, Dusk, and Dawn, mirroring the narrative in the zine series. The primary chord progression (D-G-C-Am9) creates a short, sweet, slightly jazzy, and ever-catchy tune that sets the stage for our adventure. The secondary chord progression (D-Em-G-G) welcomes Doug’s friends while emphasizing a crucial message: “They’re taking their time as they grow.” This line reminds us that this world may not be perfect, and that’s perfectly okay. As the song concludes, we showcase images of our deliverables, bridging the gap between The Fluffly Tails’ world and The Real World, where these products exist to bring comfort – something to read, something to relate to, something to hold, and something to hope for.

They’re taking their time as they grow.

the fluffly tails theme song

Abigale Pineda

Abigale is an emerging visual communicator keenly exploring the vast and varied fields this industry has to offer. To name a few, she enjoys motion design, illustration, and photography. Abi’s creative endeavours are driven by her love of storytelling, and the humble attempt to make this world a better one; helping people feel a little less alone, and a little more understood.