Visual Communication - Bachelors

Travello Rebrand Project

Travello is a tourism company selling tours and experiences. This project rebrands and supplies marketing collateral for this company.


This project will firstly create a full new suite of branding assets for Travello (phase 1). It will the use all the different channels of the company to communicate the rebrand to our consumers (Phase 2). It will also utilise new and emerging technology (AR), using the eyejack app.

Phase 1:
1. Colour Palette
2. Logo
3. Typography
4. Branding Pattern

Phase 2:
1. Posters (3 variations)
2. Merchandise (stickers, water bottle and towel)
3. Email Design, including the template development
4. Social Media Ad Suite
5. Organic Social Feed upgrade

Logo Development

The logo was developed by completing an industry analysis of logo from competitors and partners. The resulting logo is something that stands out from the others in the market whilst also communicating that it is a travel company.



Travello uses the merch a lot for students and for backpackers staying in hostels. It is usually very simple design to keep the cost down. However, it is great marketing as travellers love to get water bottles and hostels love giving out free towels. Especially in locations such as Cairns. Students have also expressed that they love stickers. It would be cool for travellers to collect both water bottles and stickers as it is popular to collect stickers on travels and stick them on the water bottles

Show reel

Stella Teys

Stella is graduating QUT this year with a double degree in visual communication and marketing. With this project she demonstrates her expertise in both fields. She is excited to enter the workforce with fresh eyes and creativity!