Visual Communication - Bachelors

VIZION Projected Graffiti Exhibition

Vizion uses emerging technologies to shine light on the artform of graffiti. A walk-through projection-based Augmented Reality experience showcasing graffiti art with interactive elements. The interactive component enables the audience via an installable app to sketch graffiti that is projected onto a wall in real time. Additionally, the exhibit accommodates an area for picture taking while posing as if graffitiing.

A core feature of the exhibition is the way in which everything is projection and AR based, yet revolves around the artform that implies vandalism, creating a contradiction. This provides a narrative in which those who like graffiti as an artform can follow – to embrace the artform without vandalizing.

Exhibition Imagery

App Design

Vizion’s interactive graffiti sketching experience would be created by allowing the user to install an app on their phone. This app would make use of the user’s camera, allowing them to sketch on their screen in real time while holding their camera up to the allocated wall – projecting the sketch live.



Cooper Jarrold

Cooper is a designer with a passion for creating striking, inspired and aesthetically dynamic works. He has a love for fashion and music culture; applying his keen problem-solving skills, enthusiasm, and dedicated work ethic to solve complex design challenges.