Visual Communication - Bachelors

WHIM Exhibition

Whim is an exhibition that delves into the obscure and darker aspects of fairytales from around the world. The name 'Whim' is a combination of 'whimsical' and 'grim,' accurately representing the nature of these stories and designs.


This concept draws inspiration from the Brothers Grimm, and the other creators of many of these tales. The artworks and designs featured in this exhibition serve to emphasize the darker elements of these narratives, aiming to shock and unsettle the audience.

In traditional fairytales, such shocks were intended to allow the morals of the stories to resonate and linger in the audience’s minds, helping them grasp the consequences of specific character actions. Over the years, the origins of popular fairytales have been altered and censored, as they originally explored themes deemed unsuitable for a younger audience. A more mature audience may find these stories intriguing and be inclined to delve deeper into the themes of these older, obscure narratives.

hex code #1e1e1e and #f1ebdd.
rgb code (30, 30, 30) and (241, 235, 221).
three poster depicting a wolf with two kids, a man with a shadow, and a person with many face.
the boy with many faces, text above says "the boy who turned to stew."
text below says, "'the juniper tree'" by the brothers grimm.
a man with a shadow, text above says "he who became the shadow."
text below says "'the shadow'" by hans christian anderson.
a wolf with two kids, text above says "the wolf who ate her two kids."
text below says "the goat and her three kids."
laptop with "whim" logo
witch with two kids at the bottom

Donell Nak

Donell Nak is passionate about the surreal; Loving how something can appear to defy the rules of the natural world yet still convey a message that resonates with the audience. The surreal has the power to capture attention, provoke thoughts, and that's precisely what he aspires to achieve.